• Reflections on CEC

    Two of us spent Friday and Saturday at the Ontario Conference for Exceptional Children, and met some extraordinary teachers, parents and students.  Conferences and trade shows are always great for making new connections, but they also serve to inspire and reinforce that what we’re doing is important. A point of focus in this organization is…

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  • Phil Has Arrived!

    Phil Has Arrived!

    Check out the new addition to our publishing repertoire!  “According To Phil: A Young Thinker’s Guide to Robots” is now available at www.kidsthinkaboutit.com. Packed with fascinating facts, high-tech history and awesome activity pages, this book invites readers aged 7-10 to jump into the wonderful world of robots!  It’s also great for grown-ups who’ve also been…

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  • Big Thoughts In The Big Apple

    I’ve just spent two days at the first ever PLATO Institute at Columbia University, and am newly-inspired.  The conference was composed of educators and thinkers from Canada, the United States, Finland, Turkey, Chile, Germany and beyond, all of whom were committed to bringing philosophy to pre-college classrooms. I heard stories of how a little deep…

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  • Tetrix Meets "Steel"

    Participants in this week’s FIRST World Championships in St. Louis can stop by the National Instruments booth in the FRC pits for some fun and games. Our very own Project S.T.E.E.L. (Superior TETRIX Engineering Enabled by LabVIEW) will be making its debut! Here’s how it works: The object of the game is to drive the…

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  • Introducing Phil R. Bot

    Introducing Phil R. Bot

    “According to Phil: A Young Thinker’s Guide to Robots” is in production and due out later this year. The book features an endearing mechanical narrator who takes budding engineers and their parents through the history, uses, and inner workings of our automated friends. Many thanks to Mark Hughes, our resident artist, for making Phil so…

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