Canada’s auto industry: the key is innovation. How to reduce the risk while retraining people.

  • If the recent closure of major manufacturing facilities has shown us anything, it’s that the needs of the 21st century workforce are shifting rapidly
  • This includes training needs. With closures like this, there is a surplus of workers with well-established skills who need to find a way to further develop them or take them in a different direction
  • An opportunity for all of these individuals to shift careers, maybe even trade up, and an opportunity for employers in other industries to build out their team with new members who’ve acquired useful skills and experience in other industries
  • To meet these needs of both potential employees and trainers, training solutions have to be agile, adaptable, and inclusive
  • At the same time, new solutions must be able to maximize new and emerging technology, and a big part of this means taking the risk out of adoption and implementation of these resources
  • New tech has to contribute to revenue growth, and also has to streamline business processes
  • All of this is a tall order, but it is possible through training solutions like online learning, hands on training with AR/VR, badging and certification, and metrics

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