• Road Trip, Spring 2017: Where You'll Find Us

    Road Trip, Spring 2017: Where You’ll Find Us

    There’s nothing like taking a trip to inspire new ideas and innovation. This Spring, our team will be out and about, talking to educators and learners at a number of different events. Here’s our itinerary for the next couple of months: TIFF Kids Industry, Toronto- For the third year, we’ll be soaking up wisdom about…

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  • Meet the Enable Team!

    Meet the Enable Team!

    We’re a busy bunch, and getting all of us in one spot at the same time is a challenge (note the herding dog in the front row). We have, however, successfully gathered our team together for a company snap, and we wanted to share. Without further ado, here is our Enable team, including teachers, programmers,…

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  • Are Teaching and Learning Scalable?

    Are Teaching and Learning Scalable?

    Budgets these days are tight in both traditional classrooms and in corporate training. Teachers, professors and trainers are all seeing increases in class sizes, and reductions in budgets for staff and resources. In essence, educators of all sorts are being asked to teach more with less. “Scalability” almost seems like a dirty word in education…

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  • Our Award at Learning Solutions 2015!

    Our Award at Learning Solutions 2015!

    Congratulations to our president and founder, Ben Zimmer, who not only delivered an amazing presentation yesterday at the Learning Solutions conference in Orlando (video footage will be posted later), but also brought home an award.  Our presentation at Demo Fest was named Best Blended Learning Solution! Thanks to the good folks at Learning Solutions for…

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  • Happy 9th Birthday, Enable!

    Happy 9th Birthday, Enable!

    It’s been nine years since Enable Training and Consulting became a company, and it’s been an amazing ride.  Over the past nine years, our capabilities, our list of customers, our team and even our office space have expanded.  We’re proud of every project we’ve completed, both for other organizations, and for ourselves. Here are some…

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