Happy 9th Birthday, Enable!

It’s been nine years since Enable Training and Consulting became a company, and it’s been an amazing ride.  Over the past nine years, our capabilities, our list of customers, our team and even our office space have expanded.  We’re proud of every project we’ve completed, both for other organizations, and for ourselves.

Here are some highlights:

March, 2006– Two educators, one of them also a programmer, set out to provide custom integration and software training for industry professionals.

January, 2008– The launch of LV Mastery, a self-paced, online video training course for LabVIEW programmers.

October, 2008– Volunteer work with a local FIRST Robotics team as programming mentors.  This soon evolved into adapting our video training videos for a teenage audience.  Over the season, we had over 30,000 viewing hours, and our relationship with FIRST began.

March, 2009– Introduced to LEGO Education North America, and soon began working on teacher resources for WeDo.  Over the years, we worked on similar resources for LEGO Mindstorms, BuildtoExpress and Duplo.

2010– Matierials created for SolidWorks, including a tutorial series for high school robotics and another tutorial series for general use.

2010– Work for Pitsco, including a Getting Started Guide for TETRIX, built from the ground up, including curriculum content, graphics, web material.

2010– Work for FIRST Robotics begins, including learning resources for FTC, a guide to using TETRIX with LabVIEW, and an FTC webinar series.

2011– Work for National Instruments on Core 1 and 2 training for industrial programmers using LabVIEW.  We converted a successful in-class training course to a self-paced, online version, resulting in one of the largest e-learning courses for graphical programming.

December, 2011– We created our first interactive eBook apps for iPad, for children ages 7-11, focusing on topics like philosophy and robotics.

March, 2012– We created our own in-house Learning Management System to support several of our customers’ projects.

July, 2012– We created our first app for iPhone and Android, an introduction to famous philosophers for both big and little thinkers.

September, 2012– We gave the first ever TED x talk in Milton, Ontario, on the intersection of philosophy and new media and technology.

October, 2013– We were main stage presenters at DevLearn, with hands-on, self-paced learning workshops.

November, 2013– Enable becomes the first National Instruments Education Specialty Alliance Partner, helping educators update and integrate labs into their curriculum, using cutting-edge hardware and software.

July, 2013– Development on Infinite Octopus begins, starting with an app for remote labs and growing into a total lab management system.

May, 2014– We launched Tinker Thinkers, an interactive app for iPad to teach reasoning and argumentation to children ages 7-11.

July, 2014– Enable supports partners MyMuCo in their launch of an app to support private music educators and students.

January, 2015– Infinite Octopus ARMS is launched, an app that allows P-20 teachers to bring augmented reality into their classrooms.

This is only a handful of highlights, and it’s only the beginning.  Thanks to everyone at Enable and beyond who had a part in our success.  The coming years promise to be even more eventful and exciting.

Amy Leask is VP of Enable Education and Communications Manager at Infinite Octopus.