Milton, ON
Salary: $19.00 /hour

A lot of businesses say they’re invested in their employees, but how many can back that up?

At Enable Education, we are truly dedicated to the success, improvement, and satisfaction of our employees, and we can prove it.

You want to sit on a yoga ball at your desk? Sure!

Enjoy spending your lunch hours out in the fresh air, with a close-up view of the escarpment? You got it!

Any interest in monthly “event days” where everyone spends the whole day learning about something that isn’t work? We have those too.

While we’re leaders in company culture, we’re also on the cutting edge of instructional technology. For the last 13 years, we’ve been producing innovative, custom education platforms that the competition can’t match.

To learn more about Enable Education, watch this video:

That’s where you come in

As our Digital Design Intern, you will be assisting our team in the design and creation of interactive digital media for children. You’ll use your understanding of game design and/or web and app development to design visual content that really engages young learners. You’ll gain an understanding of audiences in children’s multimedia publishing, and you’ll become immersed in educational technology.

You’ll be perfect for this role if you have plenty of the following:

  • Communication – you’re more than just a marketing wiz: you’re good with people, and have the written and verbal communication skills to jive with coworkers.
  • Creativity – you don’t get stumped easily when it comes to glitches: you are good at finding workarounds that go beyond the obvious.
  • Attention to detail – you see how the little things add up to big things, and enjoy doing the precision work that comes with marketing design.
  • Collaboration– you love working with a diverse, multi-talented team of thinkers.

Working @ Enable Education

This is a 16-week internship with full-time hours (30-40 per week), but when you work will be up to you. As long as you put in the designated number of hours per week, you can start as early as 6:30am and finish as late as 7:30pm.

This position pays $19 per hour.

A big part of what makes us special is our belief that employees should be themselves at work. That’s why we encourage a fun, and easy-going environment where you can wear what you want to the office, and why we host special project days where we encourage lifelong learning .

Besides our dedication to collaborative work, we have a number of other values that we hold dear. Ours is an inclusive workplace, where hard-working , experienced , passionate , and curious people work together towards a common goal. If you’re an effective doer who is always open to new ideas , and are ready to be a thought leader with a game changing company, then we think you should come work with us.


  • Currently enrolled in a relevant STEM-based program at a post-secondary institution
  • You meet the criteria for the Canada Student Work Placement Program. Please review details on the following website:

Job Type: Full-time, 16-week internship, May-September, 2019


  • A background in graphic design, illustration, or animation, in particular, for young children
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Basic game and/or app design, preferably in Unity or a similar video game development tool
  • 3D design or animation is also an asset

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