What Do People Want To Know? Top 5 Posts for May

The school year may be winding down, but we’re just getting warmed up!  May was a month for global and environmental literacy, for bringing parents into educational technology, for combining arts and science, and for making STEM accessible to everyone.

Here’s a list of ideas that caught our readers’ eyes:

1.  Global Awareness

It’s a vital 21st Century skill, one that’s flourishing with the help of information technology.

2. Tony Wallace, Web and App Developer

A member of our Enable team discusses how he’s built a career on combining arts and sciences.

3. Parents and Educational Technology

Don’t fear it, make it work for you and your child!

4. Michael Belfiore, Author, Journalist and Speaker

Michael tells shares his passion for communicating key concepts in science and technology.

5. Leslie Adams, Advocate for Conservation and Biodiversity

Leslie discusses programs and initiatives that help young thinkers develop environmental awareness.

There’s much more to come this summer!  Visit often for new innovations in education.  If you’re an innovator yourself, especially one involved in STEM education or 21st Century learning, drop us a line!