Ben Zimmer and Amy Leask, Co-Founders of Enable Education

Hi. We’re Ben and Amy. Some might say we’re the brains behind Enable Education. We’re definitely #edugeeks. Throughout our years as educators, we’ve seen how the traditional sage on the stage method of teaching isn’t enough to support 21st century learners. Learners of all kinds need to be engaged with modern tools and methods that promote knowledge retention and motivation. In the corporate and industrial world, we saw a particular need for growth and innovation in learning.

It was seeing this potential that got us started as a business.

In 2006, we took our educational experience and sought to understand learners in the workplace, promote critical thinking skills, and share knowledge in more engaging ways. Together, we assembled a diverse team of learning experience designers, content creators, video producers, web developers and other experts to bring new ideas and techniques into the workplace learning landscape. And if we’re the brains, they’re the heart of Enable.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to support and enhance the way people teach and learn. Since opening our doors in 2006, our talented team of Enablers has created educational and training resources in just about every media, including:

Web Content Virtual & Augmented Reality E-Books
Mobile Apps Videos Digital & Print Materials
Enable Education has created custom learning resources for organizations in all industries. We:
  • Digitize and adapt existing in-person training for remote environments
  • Build learning experiences that are scalable and future-ready
  • Gamify existing training to engage employees
  • Create engaging training videos

We’re Passionate

We’re passionate about the future of education and it shows in our TEDx talks and keynote speeches. We’re honoured to have been recognized with multiple awards for our online training platform called Thinkscape, our children’s books, and for our work with various partners both around the world and right here in Milton, Ontario, a place we proudly call home.

We’re big believers in hands-on, inclusive, immersive learning experiences, and we’re always on the lookout for the next challenge.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

The cosy interior of Enable Education

How do we describe our Enablers?

Revolutionary, Effective, Curious, Inclusive, Passionate, Ethical.

Enable Education Staff Group Shot

Our Enablers have been delighted to help foster lifelong learning for these companies.