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In an article outlining the changes that the consumerization of the internet of things poses to customer support, The Enterpriser’s Project interviews Michael Ringman – CIO of Telus International – about the complex nature of customer service in a connected environment. Ringman outlines the unique challenges and opportunities that come with the Internet of Things.

The Consumerization of IoT: How this will help, or force, companies to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things  

Our sister company, Red T Media, has launched a project on Kickstarter, and are seeking help and support to grow their Wiseland app by adding more big questions for little thinkers.

We have an amazing team here at Enable, and we think the world of them, and of the work they do. Having our community take notice of their talents and efforts is wonderful, and we were very proud to be the recipients of the Milton Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year Award (medium-sized) for 2016. … Continued

There’s nothing like taking a trip to inspire new ideas and innovation. This Spring, our team will be out and about, talking to educators and learners at a number of different events. Here’s our itinerary for the next couple of months: TIFF Kids Industry, Toronto- For the third year, we’ll be soaking up wisdom about … Continued

It’s our mission here at Enable to inspire better learners of all ages, and to provide innovative educational technology that engages and supports them. We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest app for kids, Wiseland! Wiseland challenges and entertains curious young thinkers ages 7-110 with big questions, and it includes: Cartoon shorts 3D … Continued

We’re a busy bunch, and getting all of us in one spot at the same time is a challenge (note the herding dog in the front row). We have, however, successfully gathered our team together for a company snap, and we wanted to share. Without further ado, here is our Enable team, including teachers, programmers, … Continued

Admittedly, most tech (including educational tech) moves and evolves at a frightening pace, and it’s easy to see how many might be overwhelmed. There’s always a concern that human beings will lose touch with one another, and overly-reliant on machines. We hear fear in the voices of presenters and participants at conferences, and apprehension in … Continued

Without pointing any fingers, it’s pretty safe to say that teaching and training aren’t always the most funded or supported endeavors. It’s pretty common to hear educators say that if they only had ___, they could dive into new subject areas, inspire inquiry in their learners, spend more time with those who need extra help, … Continued

T’is the season to wrap things up, both figuratively and metaphorically. What would the holiday season be without a look back at all the exciting things the past year brought us. 2016 was eventful and provided us with all kinds of wonderful opportunities and challenges. Without further ado, here are some highlights from 2016: We … Continued

Large learning tasks are daunting for any learner, whether it’s a preschooler or a professional in industry. Using engaging materials can help, as can making sure an experienced educator is there to help and answer questions. Another approach, however, and one that can be facilitated with the right educational technology, is microlearning. Here’s a brief … Continued

What if your customer service team didn’t have to answer the same questions over and over again? What if they could use their skills and expertise? What would customer service look like if if it were supported by a strong, engaging customer education program? Well…

Sometimes a PDF instruction manual is enough. You’d be surprised how often the people to whom you sell don’t know the full extent to which you can help them. No matter what your product or service, providing your customers with a robust, immersive learning experience can not only lead them back to you again and … Continued

For 21st century students, digital technology has become a natural extension of everyday life—from communicating with friends and family on smartphones to watching movies on tablets and accessing infinite amounts of information via search engines. It’s not surprising that students are embracing technology in the classroom. While some teachers are receptive to the integration of … Continued