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What Does It Look Like When You Train Your Customers?
Training customers the way you train employees carries a lot of benefits, but how is it done? Catch part 3 of our webinar:

Unity Game Programmer Position (Internship) Primary duties will include creating digital assets to be used in apps and games for children. This will involve working with and animating existing graphic assets, and building them into interactive digital environments. The qualified candidate will be a recent college or university graduate in game design, digital media, or … Continued

Here’s part 2 of our webinar on the benefits of training customers. Watch and learn how providing better learning resources for customers can also enrich and challenge your support team:

Junior Animator Position Primary duties will include creating animations for a series of interactive digital shorts for children. This will involve working with and animating existing graphic assets, as well as designing new ones. The successful candidate will be involved in most aspects of development and production. The qualified candidate will be a recent college … Continued

Customer Training and Repeat Business: Webinar, Part 1
How can providing hands-on, immersive learning experiences for your customers keep them coming back in the future? Here’s part one of our webinar:

We were delighted to host a webinar this week, outlining the benefits and best practices involved in providing innovative and supportive learning experiences for customers. If you missed it, we’ll be posting it over the next couple of weeks. Here’s the introductory segment:

How We Can Win By Training Our Customers: Free Webinar!
  Why do we take such care to train our employees, but not our customers? Learn how to drive revenue by ensuring customer success with your products. Join Enable Education CEO Ben Zimmer in this 30-minute webinar as he examines the benefits of educating customers: greater customer retention; repeat business; word-of-mouth advertising and improved ROI … Continued

We were delighted to be part of the inaugural Halton Futures Summit, organized by Haltech. The number of technological innovators in our region is truly impressive, and it was a pleasure to meet new ones, and reconnect with those we’ve worked with in the past. Our president, Ben Zimmer presented as part of the 4@4 … Continued

We’ve all heard the urban legend (or maybe the true story) of the university prof who tells his/her class on the first day “Look to your left and look to your right. Two of you won’t be here at graduation.” I think (and hope) that the “survival of the fittest” model of education has, well, … Continued

Encouraging hands-on learning for younger students is a no-brainer.  The thought of a kindergarten classroom with lectures and theoretical lessons is laughable. Even in high school classrooms, practical, applied learning is still seen as a staple, a necessary component when preparing learners for future career paths. However, as a recent Toronto Star article illustrates, many universities seem … Continued

In education, there’s always been push and pull between theory and application. Classroom teachers have the challenge of balancing passing along important knowledge with allowing their learners adequate time and opportunity to develop it into practical skills. Teachers recognize that at some point in a learner’s academic and professional career, they will be recognized not … Continued

Three things happen when you go to an amazing conference: You have a lot of moments where you meet new people and think “Yes! That’s what I do too!” You have a lot of moments where you meet new people and think “Wow! So cool! I wish I were doing that!” You have moments when … Continued

Yeah, but is that what they need? It’s question that comes up a lot with respect to education, especially when addressing the needs of learners who’ve grown up in the ever-changing digital age. Educators and curriculum designers alike wonder what they should be teaching, how they should be teaching it, and what an effective learning environment … Continued

We expect a great deal of 21st century learners and educators. There are career paths open  that didn’t exist decades before, and what and how a person learns changes at a staggering pace. While the actual content and delivery methods of lessons may be up for debate, the fact that everyone involved needs to be adaptable and flexible … Continued

Enable celebrated its 10th anniversary as we celebrate many things, with good food and good company. Yesterday, we held an open house, and were joined by a wonderful group of clients, partners, friends, family and community members. We’re grateful for those who came by to celebrate, and for everyone who has supported us over the past … Continued