Build a Team of Company Culture Ambassadors With Meaningful Employee Experiences

It’s dinner time at your new hire’s home and on the menu is an in-depth discussion about their first day. What are they saying about your company?

Even if they aren’t a part of marketing and sales, your own team is instrumental in sharing who you are with the world. Each of their interactions and experiences paint the picture of what your company is really like behind the sales and marketing curtain. While what your company does is crucial, what it is like to work for you, what the company culture is, speaks volumes about you.

Building genuine and meaningful employee experiences will set the stage for a positive employee outlook and company culture. When they know that you have their best interest in mind, your employees will reciprocate.

Here are four culture-building learning experiences that you’ll want your team to share with the world:

Start at the recruiting process – and make it meaningful!

Let each candidate leave their interview having learned what their strengths are and where those strengths can take them. If they are not the right fit, they will feel fulfilled by being pointed in the right direction. If they are the right fit, they will feel positive about the company culture from the get-go.

Set the stage for your positive culture from day one.

Rather than having them shred papers all day, provide new employees with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in manageable chunks. They are as motivated as ever to contribute and demonstrating your gratitude for their knowledge will carve a path of continual contribution. Let your learning culture create a positive impact from day one.

Turn social events into learning experiences too.

Hold exciting events and provide the opportunity for your employees to attend workshops that they are interested in. Plan lunch-and-learns, art classes, and offsite trips to enriching places. Encouraging employees to search for solutions through unconventional sources communicates your understanding and appreciation for creative thought.

Encourage collaboration between departments.

Find ways for team members to capture and share their learning experiences with one another. A common process used by one team may serve as a major solution for another and your support of the knowledge transfer will promote the collaboration. Let your employees feel comfortable with searching for help from other team members and a positive, supportive culture will follow.

Your company should foster a continuous positive, collaborative and supportive culture. A positive work environment makes a happy employee – and a happy employee will speak highly of your company. Cultivating this positive culture will provide employees with admirable experiences to share as well as a reason to want to share them. You want your team to communicate that it is your culture that makes the difference in their satisfaction level.

At Enable Education, we recognize that learning is not a luxury. We help companies build effective and engaging learning experiences for employees to foster a positive company culture. We want employees of all levels to be faced with constructive experiences that make them excited about the team they belong to. How does your company ensure a positive culture? Let us know in the comment section below!