Augment Your Products & Services

Hey, that’s a cool gadget you’ve just built. Does your target market know how to use it?

Manufacturers of STEM products turn to Enable Education to create the client training materials and courseware end users need to fully enjoy using their innovations.

From robots, to telemetrics, to biotech, to building infrastructure, Enable has developed training materials for a wide range of manufacturers and trendsetters.

Training when and where you need it.

If people don’t know how to use your product, it doesn’t matter how great it is.

We give your tech products a competitive advantage through online learning. This helps your end users make the most of their investment, whether they are students or industry professionals. Create a new platform for professional development or a new stream of revenue by providing support for the people who use your products or services. Enable Education understands the learning and development process; we’ll create the supportive training materials so you can get back to building cool stuff.

Train Your Clients AND Your Sales Teams

Enable Education helps STEM manufacturers teach people how to use their products with digital client training materials. Follow up with employee training so everyone can support your innovations when clients ask for extra help.

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Training Materials Designed for STEM Products

See How We Solved Growing Pains for a Successful Startup

Business was so good for Geotab, they doubled their headcount in three years, meaning several new hires needed on-boarding. Plus, existing employees needed additional training to keep up with the blossoming demands of their clients. Enable Education recorded presentations by subject matter experts and designed hands-on bootcamp workshops for a robust blended learning experience.

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