Congrats to WaterlooLabs for showing off LabVIEW like no others at NIWEEK! Wanna come play LEGOs?

Check out the great news from WaterlooLabs:

I’m thrilled for the team and proud to see a bunch of LabVIEW geeks doing their company and community proud.

Hey WaterlooLabs: wanna come over and play? Well… at least virtually?

Let’s build a Robotic LEGO Photocopier. We just kicked this project off ourselves, and we’re planning to build it completely in public, on this blog. We would love to work with you.

We’ve got a big pile of parts: FRC, TETRIX, LEGO, and of course a handy-dandy pile of LabVIEW  toolkits and modules.

We’re kind of a Waterloo lab ourselves, though a fair bit further north… (you know, from whence the BlackBerry comes). Enable has 3 engineering co-op students from the University of Waterloo pretty much every term, and I did a degree there, too. All four of us are currently working on our robotic LEGO photocopier.

What you think? Up for a challenge? Or, better yet, a collaboration?