Create professional training videos from home

Provide your team with the quality resources they need to navigate and succeed in the new environment.

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Whether you are transforming your business to help the fight against COVID-19, or you are helping your staff upgrade their skills to excel in the new environment, you need good training. Enable Education gets you there quickly.

We have designed a way for you to record professional training videos without leaving your safe space. Our video producers will coach you throughout the recording with the same high-level service and support you can expect in our professional studios. We can also send you the tools you need to turn any space into a studio.

It’s easy to get started. All you need is:

  • A simple backdrop
  • A tripod
  • Your existing smartphone

We will help you set up your tools in a way that turns any space into a usable and visually appealing production studio.

We will bring purpose and effectiveness into your training videos.

Our team of digital story tellers and learning experience designers will collaborate with your subject matter experts to flush out training videos that meet your key learning objectives. We will ensure each video remains succinct and on topic to maximize knowledge retention and learning impact. Together, we will create the high-quality resources that your staff needs to succeed in the ever-changing environment.

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Now is the time to transform your training to equip your team with the digital skills they need to succeed in the new age. Enable Education can help you create reusable training to help your team through today’s challenges and future ones.

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