Creating a schedule for your new hire’s first week

According to Bamboo HR, 33% of new hires want management to be responsible for onboarding them.

When it comes to onboarding, good organization is key. A first introduction to the team and role should not be something that is created on the fly. There should be time set aside for meeting the team, and tasks prepared that introduce a new hire to their role and responsibilities. You want to provide your new hires with this guidance and clarity so that they feel useful and informed, even when you are not around.

Why bother creating and sharing a schedule?

Providing structure for their first week tells a new hire that you are ready for them and that their onboarding is not a nuisance. Show them that they have time to meet the team, ask them questions and introduce themselves. Make it known that they have time to work through their training and become familiar with the office.

Providing this structure can help a new hire feel informed and prepared for each next task or meeting, even when you are busy completing your own tasks. Give your new hire clarity and in return you will have a new team member that feels connected to the team and motivated to contribute.

Getting started

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