CULTURE: Not Just A Product, But Also Our Process

We take culture very seriously in our own internal operations, but also in the way we interact with and create training resources for our clients and partners. We’ve built our own process of CULTURE that not only informs how we operate as a team, but that also allows us to guide our clients through the various stages of our services.

An awful lot about a company or organization hinges on culture. The 21st century workplace is rapidly becoming more than just a place to put in hours and earn a living. It’s more a place to learn, to develop, to connect, and to innovate. Building CULTURE as you build an organization can make all the difference.

Here’s a quick primer on what CULTURE means to Enable:

  • Curiosity– asking questions, exploring new ideas, and sparking innovative new approaches
  • Understanding– being empathetic and open minded when assessing current practices, and constantly striving to grasp the diverse and changing needs of team members
  • Learning– staying current, embracing change, and supporting lifelong learning
  • Talent– recognizing that people are the greatest asset of any company and organization, attracting top talent, and providing team members with what they need to grow, thrive, and stay
  • Usefulness– making the most of team members’ skills and talents, and continuously demonstrating their relevance and purpose to the overall mission of a company or organization
  • Retention– providing meaningful onboarding experiences, offering robust training programs, and tracking knowledge retention
  • Experience– investing in meaningful, positive experiences for team members at every stage of their employment

Sound like something that might help your team members, both present and future, find and define their place with your organization? Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring CULTURE from a variety of different angles. We’ll be reflecting on what all of these various components mean in actual practice, and why they’re essential to onboarding, training, and retaining a strong and sustainable work environment. Check back often!

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