Train your staff to avoid cyber crime

Is your staff ready to handle cyber crime?

In June 2019, a city in Ontario fell victim to an elaborate phishing attack. The loss of more than $500k was an eye opener. Now is the time to band together and share preventative tactics to keep our towns and organizations protected from cyber crime.

Proven Training Methods

Enable Education has a solution to help YOU avoid these types of scams. Bring your cyber security expert into our innovative training studio in Milton, Ontario. We’ll capture their best practices and industry knowledge on video to make this vital information accessible to current and future employees. Sharing video training about cyber security will help your staff understand and comply with your policies and keep confidential information safe.

Cyber Security Topics

Consider covering topics such as:

  • Security overview
  • Safe password best practices
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Using public WiFi
  • What is hacking?
  • What hackers look for
  • Identifying phishing scams
  • Storing confidential information & privacy policies
  • Dangers of downloading unfamiliar files

We’ve already produced similar cyber security videos for the town of Milton, and we can do it for you. Here’s what their CIO had to say about the experience of collaborating with Enable Education.

Create Your Own Policy Videos to Mitigate Risk Against Cyber Crime

Enable Education can help you produce these security policy videos in as little as two weeks. Contact us directly to get started.

Don’t wait for another attack. Give your staff the updated skills they’ll need to ward off the next phishing attack and avoid costly scams BEFORE they need it!

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