Effective Workplace Learning is the Key to Success

In last month’s Harvard Business Review an article titled “The Transformer CLO” discussed the changing demands in training. It discussed how workplace learning can no longer be a delivery of basic standards but instead needs to empower employees to help the company succeed. Employees should be encouraged to entertain new processes and methodologies as solutions and continuously learn and grow. An empowered employee will bring motivation and innovation to the workplace.

The key learning elements of the article are ones we at Enable Education live by. Here are 3 driving forces outlined in The Transformer CLO that we implement into every training plan we design:

Teach employees HOW to think, not WHAT to think

Critical thinking will drive performance in situations that have not yet been defined. It is far more efficient to educate a learner on how to approach new, challenging situations rather than summarizing every potential challenge they may come across – and undoubtedly miss some. An innovative mindset is key to pushing a business forward. Teaching the same skills you have always taught will keep your success in the same spot. Allow employees to explore new solutions and build their skill in approaching all kinds of challenges to upscale your team’s capabilities.

Provide the right content at the right time

Receiving all information possible on day one can be overwhelming and lead to little being retained. Information and skills should be taught in small chunks as the learner progresses and should be applied immediately to promote knowledge retention. Content should be broken up so that it is easy to digest and provided at the time of need. Moreover, the mode of delivery should suit the content being delivered and consider where the employee’s work lives. A driver, for example, would benefit from a podcast. An HR employee learning how to conduct sensitive conversation may want to learn how to do so face-to-face. Customizing content delivery to the learner’s needs is key.

Plot out learning experiences

With training, one size does not fit all. Different levels of employees will require support with varying concepts. Learner profiles and learning styles need to be considered to bring everyone to the same end point at the required time. A good training plan will map out the ideal path forward before delivery. It should not simply be delivered on a whim. Being intentional, considering the needs of different learners, different departments and different levels of existing workplace knowledge will push a training plan toward success.

Modern workplace learning requires much more than an overview of procedures and software. If you consider the end learners of your training, it will lead your company on an upwards trajectory to success. We consider these key learning components, among others, to ensure seamless and motivated adoption of the training plans we create.

At Enable Education, we recognize that learning is not a luxury. We help companies build effective and engaging learning experiences for employees to foster a positive company culture. We want employees of all levels to be faced with constructive experiences that make them excited about the team they belong to. How does your company ensure a positive culture? Let us know in the comment section below!

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