Enable Builds a Delta Robot Part Three: The Ballad of Smit and Navjot

With the robot part of the Delta-bot complete, and with the striking realization that no part of this project would transform from a robot into a race car; Andrew promptly remembered that he had important work to do, and declared to no one in particular, that he would not be helping any further with this project in any practical or meaningful way.  A team player always, he departed with words of wisdom for the young Co-op students:

“One of you should build a frame, and one of you should build the other bits. Figure it out for yourselves. And get out of the boardroom.  People have meetings!”

With his powerful words of guidance still ringing in their ears, Smit and Navjot made the long trek from the board room to the engineering room to continue their thankless quest.

Smit, took up the task of using Tetrix pieces to construct a frame that will house the Delta-bot.  This was not as simple as it sounds, as it involved hunting throughout the office to scavenge parts off of existing robots.  His path littered with half pulled-apart Ranger-bots, Smit gathered his supplies and spent much of a day tinkering.  Allen keys a-twirling, and washers a-spinning; Smit combined the parts into a large and sturdy frame to house the mighty Delta-bot.

Framey Goodness

Meanwhile, across the room, Navjot worked tirelessly to create the spinning base.  Attaching a second NXT brick to the frame (the first one being pushed to its limits controlling the three motors of the Delta-bot), Navjot began to work on a housing and a system of gears to help control the rotational speed of our spinning disk.  First trying a larger gear connected to a smaller one, the Co-op student realized that would spin much too quickly.  With some trial and error, and a CD to fill in for the custom Plexiglas disc we would eventually affix to its top, the base’s gearing system was tweaked to allow for more control of the rotational speed.

Spinning base for a Delta-bot, or DIY Walkman?

With the frame and the spinner complete (or nearly complete), it was time to assemble the Delta-bot and build the third and final part of the system: The dreaded egg-dispensing robot.

-by Andrew Baxter, Curriculum Specialist

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