Enable Education’s Top 12 Gifts for Lifelong Learners


The season of giving should also be the season of learning, but why is it that children get all the cool educational toys?  Being lifelong learners ourselves, we know that there is a feast out there for the grown-up learner’s mind.  In the spirit of the holidays, we present our top 12 picks (in no particular order).

1. Nintendo Brain Age

  • A collection of mini games designed to enhance concentration, memory, and even analytical thinking.  Portable and ponderable.

2.  Rubic’s Cube

3. Mental Floss Magazine

  • Clever, insightful, and broken down into easily-digestible nuggets, this publication is intended for curious minds.

4. Arduino Board/Raspberry Pi

  • Perfect for the amateur programmer, these affordable kits allow just about anyone to create control systems.

5. Tinkerbrick iPhone Case

  • Any flat surface should be fair game for some LEGO fun!  This can be used to turn an iPhone into just about anything.

6. Molecular Cuisine Kit

  • Play with food, and learn chemistry at the same time!  These contain ingredients that give ordinary edibles new tastes, textures, and even movement.

7. DIY Music Box Kit

  • Studies have shown that learning music causes all kinds of important neurons to fire, and develops many of the same areas of the brain as math.

8. Madlibs

  • Yet another classic that’s never really gone out of style, these books come in a myriad of different themes, and are a great way to play with vocabulary.

9. Language Lessons

  • Courses like Rosetta Stone are an obvious choice, but a book of slang in another language is even more fun.

10. 50 Philosophers app

  • Okay, we’re biased on this one, but it’s a whole lot of great minds and deep thoughts, packed into one little app.

11. History DVDs

  • BBC, PBS, and HBO all have amazing offerings, ranging from documentaries to drama.

12. Origami Supplies

  • It’s artistic, it’s mathematical, and there are patterns for everything from traditional lucky cranes to tiny paper Jedis.

Amy Leask is VP of Enable Education.  She’s a big believer in the notion that you’re never too old to learn from toys. 

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