Give your new hire meaningful tasks

After a highly effective onboarding experience 91% of employees feel a strong sense of connection to their organization., according to BambooHR.

It goes without saying that your new hire does not have a ton of experience at your company just yet. But that does not mean that they cannot begin contributing right away. Remember that your new hire comes with a background of their own expertise and they can bring new perspectives and know-how to projects. A fresh set of eyes can often solve problems that a team has been stuck on. Even with little experience in an area of work, a new hire can help you see what might be missing to simplify the process.

Why you want to give your hire meaningful tasks

Humans are goal driven. In order to feel a sense of accomplishment, we need to complete or achieve a task. And the more meaningful a task, the better the return on motivation. Giving your employees meaningful work tells them that they are valuable and that you trust their knowledge. Showing that you are confident in their capabilities will build their relationship with you and their relationship with the company.

Getting started

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