How do you onboard new employees remotely?

Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees: Part 1

Your new hire is joining the team next week and you must now find a way to onboard them remotely. You have always trained your employees in-person, or have had them shadow you as you walk through different processes they will be required to do on their own. You do not know how to take this training online. Moreover, you are unsure of how to give them a good onboarding experience when you cannot meet with them in person.

We’re seeing this more often..

As the Enable Education team continues to help businesses adjust to the remote environment, we are seeing this type of situation arise more often. Your organization may be one that has only onboarded new employees in-person and you are now coming across new challenges. You want to provide a good training and onboarding experience for your new employees to ensure engagement and commitment to the team but do not have experience doing so remotely or virtually.

Our team has created a 5-part video series to help leaders like you. We are sharing tips to help you keep your new employees’ onboarding experience effective and engaging, even remotely. This video shares tips on the right tools to equip your team with to set them up for success. Check back for the rest of the series and share across your network to spread the help.

If you are struggling with transforming your onboarding process – or the grand scheme of your training – to the remote environment connect with the Enable Education team. We create effective training materials including videos, tabletop or virtual games, worksheets and checklists and we are no stranger to taking training online. We can help you transform your training and onboarding to succeed online.

Contact us for inquires and help on adapting your business to the “new normal.” Our team is prepared to help businesses of all size and industry maintain their success through the new challenges we face.

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