How Game Based Learning Can Transform Your Training

game-based-learning-serious-gamesAt first glance, video games may seem like plaything or a distraction from more practical tasks in the workplace. However, with the right approach, including serious games in corporate and industrial settings can not only captivate team members, but can also serve as a vehicle for valuable training opportunities.

Why introduce gaming into your training programs?

  • Increase engagement with training: As younger users will attest, video games are mentally stimulating, addictively engaging, and above all, genuinely enjoyable. Fun may not be the number one priority in corporate and industrial training, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be an important consideration.
  • Simulate real-world environments: Where safety is a concern, gaming can provide a useful first step into training. Pilots may gain hours of simulated flight time without stepping foot into a real cockpit. Miners and welders are can develop mental maps for equipment and safety procedures right in front of the monitor. The next step into real-world situations can be taken with confidence, after gaining at least a preliminary understanding of how things work.
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness: Gaming systems are scalable, require little maintenance, and can be easily updated to meet changing industry standards.
  • Remote learning: Games can be played remotely, meaning that learners don’t need to take time or incur unnecessary travel costs. In many cases, learners can play in conjunction with others in other locations, competing and collaborating as part of the training process.
  • Enhance existing expertise: Games aren’t just for those who are new to an industry. Seasoned professionals can use them to upgrade their skills, or polish up previous experience.

It’s important to note that game-based learning isn’t designed to replace hands-on experience, nor should it be provided in lieu of some sort of expert facilitation, but it can serve as a valuable supplement to both. It’s also not necessarily a solitary activity. As is the case with many online games and online learning, the social potential of serious games can help learners discover how work together more effectively, and can serve as a team-building exercise.

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