How Serious Games Can Do Serious Good For Company Culture


Videogames are rapidly taking on a new role, proving useful for grown-ups as well as younger users. Gaming is also making its way into the workplace, in the form of gamified training, and is helping to redefine training and lifelong learning. Whether games are used for training, team-building, or just down-time, they can help to define and bolster corporate culture.

Here are five reasons to include game based learning in your company’s culture-building initiatives:

  • Gaming is fun! The content can still be work-centric, but it still presents a less formal, more relaxed approach to learning. Cultivating an atmosphere of fun in the workplace can have a lasting, positive effect, particularly as digital natives become a larger part of the workforce.
  • It’s inclusive! Gaming can bring in a variety of learning styles, many of which wouldn’t respond as readily to traditional training methods. The right kind of games also transcends age, gender, and professional backgrounds.
  • It’s relaxing! In addition to being an effective training tool, games can also reduce stress, which has a ripple effect on the mental and even physical health of employees.
  • It’s personable! Videogames sometimes have a reputation for keeping users isolated, but if used effectively, they can help build teams and help employees get to know one another in a way that more formal activities don’t. It can even encourage employees in various locations to connect.
  • It’s innovative and updateable! It’s a unique approach that is flexible enough to change in tandem with training needs, but can also evolve your team grows and changes.

In a wholistic sense, including game based training in your employee development presents a positive overall message about who you are as a company, and what you want for your employees. It demonstrates that leaders care about the needs of their team, that they want to use current tools and approaches to train them, and that fun and stress management are recognized as integral to their success.

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