How the remote environment will transform training

Our business ecosystem is in a crunch to take work online and as we continue to adapt, training will continue to transform.

The new remote environment has and will continue to transform training. As teams shift to working remotely new challenges arise, and training follows. At the moment, workers and leaders are more understanding about makeshift solutions.

But what happens 20 new hires from now? The remote environment is here to stay for the long run, and we cannot continue to throw short-term solutions at it weeks down the road. This is the new age of our business ecosystem and the transformation is already apparent.

There are already new changes in training

Think about a new hire’s experience in our “regular” world; Training is received on regular, everyday tasks. Now, in addition to these regular topics, their training must also include the factors of remote working. Things like how to communicate and collaborate with teammates when the team is physically dispersed, what programs are used for this, and how to troubleshoot technical difficulties.

But new hires are not the only ones in need of transformed training. Existing employees now need to learn how to complete their daily work outside of the office and they must be trained to use online communication and collaboration applications. Training must now be transformed for online consumption to reach remote employees, and it must address new learning objectives.

Future changes to expect

As we continue to settle into the remote environment, we will continue to see more changes in training. Some of these changes may stay, even after we are back to our “regular” world. Here are a few training changes we can expect to see, long term:

  • Remote onboarding, always
    Once businesses overcome the steep learning curve of onboarding new employees remotely, they will begin to see the great value of it. Online learning saves travel time and allows a worker to learn at their own pace. It leads to better understanding and retainment of information.
  • Online workshops
    Webinars are already used often, and their popularity grows daily. Now, as workshops need to be taken online for the short run, they are likely to stay digital. Why revert back to in-person training when online means are scalable, and we are already making the transition?
  • New emerging tech for training
    AR, VR and digital training has been around, though now there is an absolute need for it. As more businesses jump onboard for this innovative learning, there will be a greater push toward development of the technology. It will become more accessible and likely have greater adoption.
  • Remote teams in general
    Remote teams have been a greater trend in recent years though now that most businesses are remote, some may never return to the office space. Smaller, nimble teams may find that the remote environment works just fine for them and decide that the savings in expenses is worth the shift long term.  

Now is the time to transform your training to equip your team with the digital skills they need to succeed in the new age. Enable Education can help you create reusable training to help your team through today’s challenges and future ones. We create effective training materials including videos, tabletop or virtual games, worksheets and checklists and we are no stranger to taking training online.

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