Impactful Women in History We Want the World to Remember

At Enable Education, Women’s History Month is used as a time to reflect on the women that have impacted humanity and more specifically, education. We understand that without the breakthroughs these women made, nearly half of the Enable team would cease to be viewed as valuable contributors to the workplace (and the world). Here are 5 women in history that our team admires due to their contributions and the barriers they broke down:

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton standing next to the extensive Apollo software code she and her team had written. 1969.

1936 – Present USA

Margaret Hamilton led the team and created the software that got the first astronauts to the Moon on the Apollo missions. She was one of the first software programmers during a time where software development was not taken seriously, and she coined the term “software engineer” to describe her practice. At the time of her developments, software engineering was not taught in schools and therefore Hamilton needed to lead her team to work out any problems on their own. She created programming software to predict weather and software to identify enemy aircraft as part of the first U.S. air defense system. Undoubtedly, she showed the world a woman can succeed in male-dominated sectors and led some of the most impactful creations and discoveries of the new age.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori as a young woman in Italy.

1870 – 1952 Italy

A physician and educator, Maria Montessori developed a science-based system of teaching and learning. Working with children with cognitive disabilities unveiled to her that practical play, exploration and use of natural talents elevates understanding and knowledge retention. She helped the world understand that this is true for most learners, cognitively restrained or not. Without this breakthrough we would fail to provide different learners with tools and methods that draw out their full, unique potential.

Anna J. Cooper

Anna Julia Cooper as a young woman in education.

1858 – 1964 USA

A woman born into slavery who, at a young age, became aware of the differences in educational encouragement between genders and races. Opportunities and encouragement to pursue more robust fields in education had primarily been presented to men and therefore led Cooper to tutor mathematics and later advocate for women’s education, especially for African American women. She’d eventually become a president at a university and would run courses for students out of her own home to ensure fair educational opportunity.

Savitribai Phule

A depiction of Savitribai Phule as a renowned woman in education.

1831 – 1897 India

Due to her caste and gender Savitribai Phule was denied an education and had instead been taught by her husband and community. She received training in teaching and challenged the constrains she’d faced by becoming India’s first female teacher and opening one of the first schools for girls. She later opened 18 different schools for learners of all social standing. We admire Phule for her dedication to enable learners from all kinds of backgrounds and in fostering recognition that a learner from any background can be successful if given the right tools and support.   

Hypatia of Alexandria

A depiction of Hypatia of Alaxandria.

360 – 415 Egypt

Hypatia of Alexandria had been educated by her father in an era when girls did not go to school. She became an accomplished philosopher, astronomer and mathematician and taught these subjects to male students. Moreover, she was a librarian at the Library of Alexandria and was renowned and respected for both of these roles. Some of the only surviving volumes of astronomy were edited by her. She was an outstanding individual considering her accomplishments during a time where education for women – and education in general – were not common.

We admire and thank these women for their contributions and the barriers they broke down to empower women today. We recognize that our knowledge as a society would not be where it is today without the discoveries they made and educated the world with. We are hopeful that in our endeavors we can make even partly as much of an impact as these individuals have made.

At Enable Education, we recognize that learning is not a luxury. We help companies build effective and engaging learning experiences for employees to foster motivation and productivity. We want employees of all levels to be faced with constructive experiences that make them excited about the team they belong to.

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