Incurably Curious? Us Too. 6 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Learning

It should go without saying that an organization like ours, one that creates learning solutions, needs to make room for curiosity, and we do. We celebrate and encourage it with all of our team members.

But we also promote and support it with those for whom we create learning materials. You don’t have to be in education or training to want to learn continuously. Any industry or organization can benefit from its people always wanting to know more, particularly those in the process of transitioning to 21st century work practices.

We thought we’d share a handful of our reasons for pushing ourselves to pursue new knowledge and skills.

It’s Not Just for Kids.

The same drive to absorb, compare, and explore that fuels a young mind can keep us growing as adults- mentally, emotionally, socially and professionally. What’s more, as adults, we have the vocabulary to help assess what we have discovered and articulate what we hope to find.

Bonding Over New Ideas

Curiosity brings people together within an organization. In our own team, people are curious about what goes on in other departments, and about each other’s skills, talents, and experience. We work together far more effectively if there’s room to exchange ideas, teach one another, and appreciate our diversity of thought.    

Exploring the “Why”

Curiosity helps us dig further into the purpose behind actions and decisions, and helps us to make deliberate, intentional moves within our business. Exploring the reasons behind what we’re doing is almost as important as executing our plans.

Extending Our Reach

Curiosity helps us to find exciting and inspiring new partners and clients. We’re genuinely interested in what’s happening in our community (and beyond). Valuable connections often come when we’re interested in what someone does, and how they do it. Our curiosity has helped us cross paths with some truly amazing and innovative organizations.

Minding the Gaps

Curiosity reinforces that not one of us knows everything…and that’s a good thing. Lifelong learning requires us to be open to new and unexpected possibilities.

Finding Fixes

Curiosity leads to better problem-solving. Finding a solution, particularly to a difficult challenge, requires an open mind and a willingness to ask a lot of questions.

So how do you support and inspire curiosity in your own organization? It does take time to build and maintain a culture that supports it, but having the right onboarding and training materials can serve as a great foundation. Contact us to find our how your organization can make more room for (and benefit from) curiosity.