Leadership Lessons in Sports

How Sports and Business Share Common Ground:

It’s All About Values

Ben Zimmer, founder and CEO of Enable Education, was one of the industry presenters at the “Leadership Lessons from Sports” event produced by Silicon Halton. He presented the values that drive Enable Education (and our clients) towards success.

Key Takeaways:

  • “If you don’t live your values, they are meaningless.”
  • “Values are not just words they have to be lived.”
  • “We added a company values video to Job Postings and overnight it changed the quality of candidates (we received).”

Enable Education’s Guiding Values: RECIPE

Description of Enable Education Values

These guiding values encourage employees to be:

  • Revolutionary
  • Effective
  • Curious
  • Inclusive
  • Passionate
  • Ethical

Enable Education in the News

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