Make the most of meetings with your new hires

HCI reports that most organizations stop their onboarding process after just the first week, leaving new hires discouraged and lacking resources.

Odds are your new hire has some questions. Though they can ask their teammates for clarification on certain tasks, they likely want to hear some information directly from their manager. Setting up 1:1 meetings with your new hire is a great way to get these questions answered.

As an added bonus, the more you meet the stronger your relationship with your new hire is likely to be. As the employee begins to understand and become more comfortable in your relationship, you’ll notice that they will be more inclined to share their challenges and ideas with you.

How often should 1:1 meetings be held?

When your new hire works closely alongside you, weekly 1:1 meeting may feel unnecessary. In this case, you may find that catching up at the coffee machine or over lunch here and there is suitable.

However, a monthly 1:1 meeting remains a best practice in any case, to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any struggles or ideas from the employee. Setting aside dedicated times for discussion will show all of your employees that you value their ideas and want to understand how you can help take down roadblocks.

Getting started

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