Networking with Halton Businesses at Haltech AGM

It's really exciting to be part of the vibrant Halton Region business community. A few Enablers recently rubbed elbows with fellow growing businesses at the 2019 Haltech Summer Social networking event. Our CEO Ben Zimmer was one of the guest presenters, and some of my fellow Enablers, Klaudia and Jamie, joined me at our display to greet people and answer questions. Here's a quick highlight reel:

Partnering with Haltech

Being part of the Haltech ecosystem keeps us in the loop for the regional business community, and connects us with potential clients, vendors, talent, and even snacks (the macarons from Saving Thyme were #OMGdelish). But this wasn't the first time Enable Education has been involved with a Haltech initiative.

"For years, Enable has benefited from the support of Haltech. Back in 2016 we were named "The One To Watch" at the Haltech Futures conference. Such an honour to get to brag a bit in front of the crowd at Haltech's annual mixer," Ben recalls. He goes on to say "typical of Haltech events, we ended up with several amazing conversations with like-minded companies, and about half a dozen solid leads. This focused support of networking within Haltech is one of the pillars of its growing success."

Additionally, Enable Education and Haltech were booth neighbours at the 2019 OCE Discovery Show, and Enable also sponsored the Haltech 2019 International Women's Day Breakfast (I really love this photo of our female staff members; aren't they fierce?).

The women of Enable Education

Enable Education was delighted to meet some new people building really cool businesses and make some meaningful connections at the Summer Social. Having a display of funky STEM-based decor, buttons that say "This is what a lifelong learner looks like", and squishy brains does attract curious people. Oh, and the LEGO helped too.

Close up of hands using colourful Lego blocks.

Why We Brought LEGO to a Business Event

It doesn't matter what age you are or what you do for a living...LEGO appeals to everyone. At Enable, we believe learning can be fun. Should be fun, even. It's part of our company charter:


We are fully engaged, creative,

and do our best work when we have fun.

So, we scattered a table with a bunch of bright, colourful, interestingly shaped pieces and invited people to build anything they could think of. If they were stuck for ideas, we suggested they try making a bug, an animal, or a structure. This gave attendees a chance to relax and tap into something light-hearted at the end of their long work day. But make no mistake...light-hearted doesn't mean frivolous. While their faces lit up with amusement, their minds sprang alive with fresh concepts. They tried different things. They took design risks. They sought patterns and sorted colours. 

And within minutes, they'd made something from nothing.

Powerful stuff.

The best part was that while people were pausing long enough to build their multi-coloured creations, they told us about their own businesses. We heard about pain points, successes, fears, accomplishments, and even childhood memories. In those moments of stacking blocks, we weren't just B2B, but H2H. ​

Human to Human.

Forging Business Relationships

Attending networking events outside typical office hours does add some work to our to-do list. We had to plan a presentation, gather stuff for our display, and even coordinate around prior commitments. I asked Klaudia, our business development specialist, why she thought attending was important. She said "events like this one are always a great way to meet our fellow small businesses and exchange helpful tips and tricks. Haltech's event gave me a great opportunity to learn about up-and-coming solutions to real world problems as well as connect with more members from companies we have had the pleasure to work with in the past, present and hopefully future (like Geotab!)."

In fact, our table was right next to Geotab, a region success story! You might have heard of them from such case studies as How Enable Education Helped Geotab with Rapid Onboarding. You might also recognize their video testimonial.

We also got to chat with people from myBrokerBee, CareGo Tek Inc, Ergotech Solutions Inc, Microart Services, Enertics, RBC, and many other fascinating entrepreneurs who inspired us. Thanks to all who stopped by our table to play and chat.

Let's do it again sometime.

ICYMI: Ben's Full Presentation

If you weren't able to attend the Haltech Summer Social, not only did you miss some excellent macarons (honestly, they deserve a second mention), but you missed Ben's presentation about how Enable Education helps growing companies create meaningful training experiences for their employees and clients. We have some super-talented people, and awesome video production spaces to help you to create these experiences quickly and easily. Best of all, we're right here in the Halton Region and love working with local companies.

If training and onboarding has been causing you some sleepless nights, reach out to us. We can take those tasks off your plate (to make room for macarons) and help your employees and products reach their full potential.

Click below to watch Ben's presentation.

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