Onboarding new employees in the remote environment

Over the course of the last two weeks, we have shared a short video-series full of tips on remote onboarding. Our team created the mini-series to help the business leaders in our network successfully adapt their onboarding to the new remote environment. We wanted to remind leaders that while onboarding and training must also change to succeed in the new environment, the underlying pains of these changes can be alleviated. With a few simple steps, remote onboarding can be a positive experience and successfully bring new employees up to speed.

If you didn’t catch the series, here’s what you missed:

Part One: Give them tools

Prepare your new hires with the tools that they will need to succeed in their new position. Providing a computer with the necessary programs ready to go will cut setup time and, in place of the time, your new hire can instead familiarize themselves with the programs. Taking this extra step, preparing all the tools your new hire will need, will show that you are ready for them and are enthusiastic about the new addition to your team.

Part Two: Give them Connection

Show your new hire that you and their team are available to help them. New employees will always have questions and require guidance, even more so when working remotely. Let them feel comfortable coming to you and other team members with their questions so that they can reach out at their time of need. Set up daily or weekly team meetings to help guide them (and your existing workers) in the remote environment.

Part 3: Give them Knowledge

Provide new employees with answers to common questions, or questions they may have when you are unavailable. Have training videos ready on the software they will be using and provide insight for the unwritten rules at the organization. Being equipped with this type of information at their fingertips will help a new hire feel knowledgeable and prevent them from feeling bothersome.

Part 4: Give them Culture

When your team goes remote, the workplace culture does not need to die. Sure, there is a different atmosphere in the lunchroom or when bumping into each other at the coffee machine, but this can be cultivated online as well. Give your team daily activities or talking points in your online chat channels to keep up team communication and make new hires feel part of the team.

Part 5: Give them Check-ins

Remember that your new hire is, well, new. They may not entirely understand every process yet or know when they are doing something wrong or inefficiently. Check up on them to answer any questions they may have and share methods that will help them become a strong worker. The consideration will be appreciated, and you will understand the performance level they are at.

We’ve been delighted to share these tips and are looking forward to continuing doing so with new content. Keep your eye out for more helpful tips on onboarding, training, and the learner’s journey. Together, we will adapt to the new environment and emerge stronger than ever.

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