Onboarding new employees remotely: Giving connection

Your new hire is entering their position entirely remote. Now what? How do you communicate expectations in an entirely new environment? What about those new hires joining next month? The remote environment is here to stay for the long term and your training and onboarding must follow suit.

Give them connection

The second video in our 5-part mini-series shares tips on how to maintain good communication with your new hire. Put yourself in their shoes: they must learn who they are working with and what expectations they must meet, without having ever met a single manager or team member in person. The learning curve will be steep. You can help alleviate the uncertainty by giving your new hires the connections they need with you and their teammates.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Hold video meetings, not just phone calls.
    Face time gives new hires the human connection that is much needed at the start of a new position.
  • Encourage personal introductions.
    Have team member tell the new hire about themselves. Understanding who the members of their team are, in and outside of work, is key to strong teamwork.
  • Set aside time for daily team meetings.
    A new hire must understand what projects are on the go and where they fit in to be productive.
  • Keep an open-door policy for questions.
    New hires have tons of new questions and they must know that they are welcome to ask them. Direct them to the right person and ensure that individual also answers questions with enthusiasm and support.
  • Check in on your new hire.
    Remember that joining a new team is always intimidating. They may not ask for help until it is offered. Check in to see if they have unanswered questions and challenges that they did not know how to ask about.

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