Onboarding new employees remotely: Giving Culture

A strong company culture paves the path for increased collaboration and communication among team members. Workers that have a warm connection with one another are much more likely to reach out for help and share knowledge with their teammates. However, developing this company culture can be difficult when the team is dispersed. Without activities that bring the remote team together, a new hire will have difficulty building relationships with their team members quickly.

Give them culture

The fourth video in our 5-part mini-series provides ideas for immersing your new hire in a positive company culture. Oftentimes, the productive flow of working from home causes employees to limit or lose social interaction with their teammates – even online. This will put a strain on the company culture. Eventually, lessened communication and collaboration will limit productivity. Set up activities for your team to engulf new employees in your company’s culture and to uphold stimulating communication and collaboration between all team members.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Provide a communication platform.
    Apps like Slack allow your team to have conversations among themselves and across multiple channels. Set up channels for leisurely discussion to maintain a healthy company culture.
  • Schedule weekly company or team meetings.
    If your company is on the smaller end hold 15-minute company-wide meetings to see how your team is doing, both in and outside of work. Discuss challenges and positive findings. If your company is large, schedule team meetings to be led by team leaders.
  • Encourage lunch gatherings.
    Encourage your team to join virtual calls over lunch together to build their relationships and get a healthy dose of social interaction. As an added bonus, this will remind your workers to take a break and recharge.
  • Encourage existing employees to introduce themselves.
    Your new hire will feel part of the team and have a positive view of the company culture when they receive warm introductions from teammates. A quick and personal message from another employee goes a long way.
  • Share good news with the whole team.
    Remember, company culture is not just for the new hires; it benefits the whole team. Share good news, heartwarming stories and funny videos with the whole team to brighten everyone’s days.

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