Pivoting in the wake of a global pandemic

Earlier this week our CEO, Ben Zimmer, took the virtual stage at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s seminar to discuss #covid-19 business strategies. Along with the other panelists, Ben discussed what it means to evolve during changing times.

Part of what allowed Enable Education to pivot quickly was our pre-existing exposure to digital workflows. We help chief executives digitally transform their company’s learning and were quick to apply this thinking to Enable’s processes. Our production team was able to design a remote recording workflow so that we could continue to create effective training for clients in the #workfromhome environment.

SMEs in the big shift

Some SMEs were not as well positioned for this change, John Stackhouse of RBC shared. Whereas some companies were well prepared for a digital shift, others needed to learn how to be more nimble, and pivot quickly. This changed world needs to be viewed as a new, rougher platform; one that requires SME’s to be more strategic, said Stackhouse.

“You need to onboard someone even when things change just a little bit… Think about reboarding someone in a different situation.

– Ben Zimmer, CEO –

The panel agreed that a strengthening the team, along with a willingness to accept and try new things is key to succeeding during this time of change. In Enable Education’s experience, we know that timely, intentional training sits at the core of a strong company culture and team. It is key to respond quickly and give your team the ongoing, constantly changing support they will need during this time.

“When it comes down to training there’s three things that I recommend: Intentionality, intentionality and intentionality. Think hard, be very thoughtful and make sure it all comes back around in alignment to your values.”

– Ben Zimmer, CEO –

Learning, especially in this environment, is ongoing and your team can emerge stronger than ever when you address new questions and challenges quickly and thoughtfully.

Watch the Webinar

The OCCxRBC webinar took a look at 5 companies that have pivoted successfully during COVID-19 and took their best advice for other SMEs in Ontario.

Read the report

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s report, Small Business, Big Impact: How SMEs are Pivoting During COVID-19, shares the stories of Ontario companies who have successfully pivoted during the changing times.

Enable Education is working hard to help businesses create sustainable training resources that can be used in the current working environment and once our world settles into a new normal. We can help you record professional training videos remotely, or create a sustainable plan that will guide your organization when things return to normal.

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