Preparing yourself for your new hire’s first week

According to Bamboo HR, 89% of employees feel very engaged in their work after a highly effective onboarding experience.

Having things prepared for a new hire’s first day can make a great impact on their onboarding experience. It shows that you are ready for them, and that you consider their time valuable. Even more so, it says that you are welcoming them as a long-term member of the team and thus want to make a good first impression. Sending this message can help put your new hire into action mode and cultivate a high level of respect for the company.

Why bother consulting a checklist?

Preparing everything for your new hire’s first week can often sound like a 5-minute job and it can be if you are equipped with a checklist. Without one, you will find yourself remembering different items you should prepare for your new hire throughout your day. Before you know it, you’ll have disrupted your own workflow several times to prepare each item individually. Equipping yourself with a checklist ensures that nothing is missed and prepares YOU for your new hire’s first week.

Getting started

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