Reason #4 Why Training Materials Aren’t Just for Training: Customer Education and Sales

Who says training materials have to be solely for people inside your organization?  Training those who buy and use your products or services can yield both short and long-term benefits.

  • Materials like these are a great advantage to your sales team.  How much easier would it be for them to get your product or service out there if they could demonstrate to customers that there were amazing support materials to go along with it?  Whether training materials are a standard part of a sale, or an optional upgrade, they should be made available.
  • Training materials instil customer confidence, both in you as a provider, and in themselves as a user.  They demonstrate that you’re willing to stand behind your products and services, and that they’re user-friendly.
  • Training materials ensure that a purchased product or service will actually get used (hopefully a lot) without anyone having to struggle to figure out how to use it on their own.

Here are some questions to ask when having training materials created for your customers:

  • Do they know when to use it, and how to use it properly?
  • Can the training materials provided help your customers learn to use your product or service more efficiently, so that they save time and money?
  • Can your training materials help your customers avoid having to travel to training facilities, or having to bring in external trainers?
  • Can they help your customers to train others on their teams?
  • Can they help users to become more self-sufficient with your product, so that they’re not constantly having to call someone to help them trouble-shoot?
  • Do your training materials address all kinds of learners, with varying levels of background skills and knowledge?
  • Are they easily accessible, and can they be used both during office hours and after?
  • Does they give some sort of feedback or assessment to your customers, so that they know they’ve absorbed what they really need to know?

Amy Leask is VP of Enable Education.  She wishes most of the stuff she buys would with better materials on how (and why) she should use it. 

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