Rube Goldberg – Emphasize Principles, Not Facts (Lesson Using Screws)

As an instructor, it is often easiest to just teach scientific fact.  However, this wasn’t always the most effective way to engage students.  I found that the best way to let students grow in engineering education was to give them simple experiments that related to everyday experience.

Activity 6: Screw Lesson

For this lesson plan, you can use something as simple as screws to encourage students to discover facts on their own, in a more meaningful way.  Our lesson uses this base knowledge to grow the idea of screws and even pulls in previous knowledge (an inclined plane can be a screw) to challenge learners’ thinking.

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Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear is the Senior Curriculum Developer at Enable Education. Matt combines his extensive experience of creating diverse courses and course materials with a desire to promote new and exciting learning strategies.  He also loves the Boston Red Sox, but don’t hold that against him.

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