Rube Goldberg – Know Your Audience (Levers Lessons)

For our first blog entry, we have provided two lessons of varying difficulty.  The first is intended for learners capable of handling complex ideas and instruction.  The second borrows on previous knowledge to introduce a complex topic.  Be sure to base your selection on the capabilities, background knowledge, and interests of your learners.

And now, without further ado, our lesson plans about Levers!

Activity 1: Story Of Levers

Parts and Classes has been designed to introduce a topic using hands-on activities. This lesson reinforces and expands topic knowledge by having students examine the 3 classes of levers. This is an excellent opportunity for group work, but can easily transition back to seat work.

Activity 1: Levers Lifting Loads

Lifting Loads is a hands-on activity that engages learners who have difficulty grasping concepts, and encourages them to explore ideas and discover hard facts using a practical, group-orientated lesson structure.

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Matthew Dear is the Senior Curriculum Developer at Enable Education. Matt combines his extensive experience of creating diverse courses and course materials with a desire to promote new and exciting learning strategies.  He also loves the Boston Red Sox, but don’t hold that against him.

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