Rube Goldberg – Make Time for Engineering Education (Pulleys Lesson)

Another challenge of engineering education is using multiple teaching blocks to teach a single lesson.  Often there is a time crunch in class to complete curriculum requirements before assessments.  Teachers can combat this by extending lessons that work into usable extension activities. This approach will hit all your curriculum goals, while still allowing your learners to explore their capabilities.

In order to accomplish this you will often have to double-plan and create extended plans that piggy-back each other and fit into your teaching plans.  In this lesson, we’ve provided a successful extended lesson plan to keep students engaged and fully invested in learning Pulley systems.  You’ll find a complex hands-on lesson to introduce pulleys and followed it up with a “What’s Next” activity that will challenge learners to think about design and approach.  This allows for more critical thinking about the topic and for an exploration into how a pulley works.

Activity 3: Pulley Lesson

Double up your science learning block this week with engineering education!

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Matthew Dear

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