Rube Goldberg – What Are Your Capabilities? (Inclined Plane Lesson)

Teaching science always posed challenges for me as an instructor, as I had limited experience in practical engineering, but really wanted to inspire my students.  This is probably the case for most elementary teachers.  What I needed was confidence.  We’ve designed this lesson plan to help build this sort of by encouraging instructors to let their learners discover theory and experiment on their own.

Activity 2: Inclined Plane Lesson

In my own teaching experience, I always tried to tie in tough concepts into other lessons I was teaching that day or week.  This cross-curricular strategy made teaching things easier, as I knew I had a better grasp of the other subject I was teaching.  For the inclined plane, we have provided an interactive lesson plan and a tip sheet that introduce Inclined Planes in conjunction with a number of other curriculum strands.  With this, an instructor can take a concept such as the inclined plane and use it as the basic thread in more familiar subject areas.

Activity 2: Inclined Plane Tips

For example, a subject such as an inclined plane can be applied to physical education.  It’s a great way to introduce engineering education into a fun, competitive environment in which learners can experiment with and grasp basic scientific concepts.

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Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear is the Senior Curriculum Developer at Enable Education. Matt combines his extensive experience of creating diverse courses and course materials with a desire to promote new and exciting learning strategies.  He also loves the Boston Red Sox, but don’t hold that against him.

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