Serious Games for Customer Success



Ever thought of including online games as a part of your customer education materials? Play as a means of learning is a concept that’s traditionally been associated with children and adolescents. However, as many product and services companies are finding, games are not only a useful tool in training internally, but are also an effective way to reach consumers.

Generally speaking, treating customers as learners can build a large amount of trust, and can also maximize their usage of your products, and encourage repeat business.Adding games into the mix only serves to amplify the benefits of customer education, and also makes the most of your customer service team’s time and resources.

So, why create video games to educate customers?

  • Games are accessible, and can reach a wide range of ages. They’re not as intimidating as a giant PDF documents or instruction manuals, and they don’t use a lot of technical jargon without context.
  • Games can be played without having to contact a customer service representative. This gives customers the flexibility to learn and explore at their convenience, even outside of regular business hours, meaning that customer success is just a game away.
  • Games can be designed to reflect a brand, reinforcing messaging and creating immediate recognition. Having games in the first place can make a brand pretty distinctive.
  • Online gaming can create communities of customers worldwide, forming a network of devoted users connected by a common interest in products or services.
  • Games are a flexible and scaleable, and are relatively easy to update as you extend your product or service line and easily deliverable worldwide.

Having resources that are fun and accessible says a lot about you as a manufacturer or service provider. Engaging customer support shows that you want to create lasting relationships on a platform that’s inviting, engaging, and personal.

Does your customer training need a revamp? Want to learn more about how you can transform your customer support material into some serious games and game based learning? Contact our education specialists for a consultation!