Storytelling: A Presenter’s Journey to Onboarding

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Take Your New Employee on a Journey

What’s your favourite book? How about a movie or movie franchise? Think about what makes them so great. Think about the popularity of animation studios, such as Pixar, or movie franchises, like Marvel. I believe their success is owed to more than just great actors and entrancing visuals. At the core of every successful narrative is the question: does it make for a good story?

Humans love storytelling; we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, from cave paintings to songs, books, and blockbuster movies. A great story carries us off to an imaginary world and offers us a journey outside of our own day-to-day life. We create emotional connections to stories (yes, I have cried at Tim Horton’s commercials), and we even learn better if there’s a story behind the knowledge. Presentations and onboarding are no different than songs, books, or movies. You are taking your new employees on a journey. Let’s get started!

Storyboard now, amaze them later!

All great stories start small. When you are weaving a new story, you can plan step-by-step by using storyboarding. Have you ever seen a “behind-the-scenes” of your favourite animated movies? Chances are, the early planning stages looked different than the final product. Storyboarding allows you to visually organize your story before you begin producing a video, some web-based training, or any type of presentation.

The idea of storyboarding originated at the Walt Disney Studio in the early 1930s, by drawing scenes on separate sheets of paper and pinning them on a bulletin board to tell a story in sequence. While companies don’t feel like they have a Marvel story on their hands, most businesses do have a compelling story to tell. And if you truly don’t have one, create one! Take your learners along a journey and give them a memorable story and experience. What will your quest look like?

Lights, camera, action! An onboarding story.

So, you created a story, and you planned out your storyboard. How do you make sure your onboarding presentations and videos will do your vision justice? You can have super exciting narrative and visuals built into your slide deck or PowerPoint, but if the person leading the presentation lacks enthusiasm and a bit of humour, your viewer’s experience will suffer. We get it; it’s not always comfortable being in front of a camera or presenting in front of a crowd. In fact, many people fear public speaking more than they fear death! However, with clean visuals, plain language, and entrancing storytelling, any nervous presenter can turn into a fantastic speaker. When you believe in your story and are excited to share it, that confidence will shine on camera! 

Try Storytelling with Your Presentations

Enable Education has a team of content creators, designers, and video producers who can help transform your knowledge into a hero’s journey! And guess who’s the hero? YOU!

At Enable Education, we keep storytelling alive. We create interactive training materials for modern companies, thanks to our video producers and graphic designers who have over 30 years of combined storytelling experience. They tailor videos to meet any organization’s needs. 

What is your company’s story, and how would you like to tell it? Please let us know in the comments below!

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