Support Your Team in “The New Normal” Environment

Learning to work effectively from home is challenging, but is an essential part of our efforts to flatten the COVID19 curve, and recover as a community. The Enable Education team is ready to help make the transition as comfortable as possible. We are helping business leaders record videos remotely to support and train their teams in the new environment.  

We are both proud of and inspired by the support we have seen throughout our community, and are sharing our understanding of learning, and expertise in online resource creation, to help teams adapt. We’re nimble and adaptable, and throughout our history as a company, we’ve come to understand how learning needs are highly changeable, especially in situations such as our current one.

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, we have developed a new system that combines:

  • Practical guidance from our team of learning experts in real time 
  • Carefully curated video recording tools for at home use
  • Post-production of powerful visual storytelling

Along with your team, we will create polished, accessible and engaging learning videos that tackle both the challenges and the opportunities of remote learning.

Video is an effective, and economical tool for business leaders. Through this medium, training can be delivered with empathy, trust, understanding, and can help maintain a resilient team and healthy company culture.

Our team helps to ensure that:

  • Presenters and facilitators stay calm, concise, and on-topic
  • Content adheres to specific learning objectives
  • Information is conveyed in a way that is engaging and accessible.

Whether your audience of learners is made up of new team members, existing team members adjusting to working remotely, or would-be participants in a cancelled in-person training session, our team can help you meet learning goals and stay connected.

How the process will work:

  • 1. We send a kit of carefully-selected recording tools to your home location.
  • 2. We guide you through setting up your home recording station remotely, with just-in-time instruction.
  • 3. We provide coaching in advance, to ensure that you’re as comfortable and prepared as possible.
  • 4. Using remote technology, we record you as you present.
  • 5. Your recordings are uploaded automatically, and we take care of all post-production for you.

We’re proud of our innovative, creative local business community. We want to use our years of expertise in teaching and learning to help it adapt to the changes brought on by the current circumstances, and to help build a healthy, productive new “normal”.

Contact us for inquires and help on adapting your business to the “new normal.” Our team is prepared to help businesses of all size and industry maintain their success through the new challenges we face.

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At Enable Education, we recognize that learning is not a luxury. We help companies build effective and engaging learning experiences for employees to foster motivation and productivity. We want employees of all levels to be faced with constructive experiences that make them excited about the team they belong to.

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