The Internet of Things Means Changes to Customer Support

Training for the Internet of Things.png

In an article outlining the changes that the consumerization of the internet of things poses to customer support, The Enterpriser’s Project interviews Michael Ringman – CIO of Telus International – about the complex nature of customer service in a connected environment. Ringman outlines the unique challenges and opportunities that come with the Internet of Things.

With industry predictions stating that by 2020, there will be 13.5 billion connected devices in the consumer IOT market, the customer care environment must be able to address any customer challenges that come

These challenges, however, will no longer be run of the mill issues, but more difficult, technical inquiries. The flipside is that well-equipped, knowledgeable, and customer service personnel that are properly trained for this wave of change, represent significant opportunity for enterprises of all sizes in the IOT to thrive .

Ringman states that “if a company is truly thoughtful and driven around how they want to provide customer support, they can help guide that end user to the appropriate sources. And as the IoT increases the complexity of supporting consumers, that thoughtfulness is essential.”

Robust, thorough, and novel training programs will be essential for learning and technical support within all data-driven enterprises who are looking to scale with the IOT boom. Growing IOT driven companies will need to keep customer success in mind just as much as product development – and having the training in place to do so can ease stress on already limited in-house resources!

You can read the full article by The Enterpriser’s Project here.