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Enable Education is located at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment in Milton, Ontario. Our offices are located on the grounds of Country Heritage Park, a charming agricultural heritage site with gorgeous views.

Finding our actual office can be a little tricky so scroll down for a map and photos to help you find your way.

But don’t let the rural address fool you! Inside our inviting office, Enablers are busy creating modern training tools and techniques that suit learners of all ages. These techniques include augmented reality, virtual reality, digital documents, online learning platforms, and video production.

It’s a space you have to see to believe. We invite you to visit us and tour our training studio, video production studio, and other cozy work spaces. Meet the team behind the heart of Enable Education and imagine how we can transform your learning and development experience.

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Don’t be shy. We love visitors. Come visit the Enable Education studio spaces to learn how we can transform the training and onboarding process for your organization.

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Getting to Enable Education

8560 Tremaine Rd 2nd floor, Milton, ON L9T 2X3

Finding the Right Entrance

Since we’re located on the site of a not-for-profit agricultural museum, it’s not immediately obvious where to go. Look for the Enable Education flags at the staff South Entrance off Tremaine Road. Turn right just past the Gambrel Barn and follow the signs to enter a parking lot near a Montessori school. Go up the brick walkway and head upstairs. There is also an elevator available. Once you reach the second floor, introduce yourself to any of our Enablers for help.

The south entrance to Country Heritage Park is where you want to enter to find Enable Education.
Signage for the entrance to Enable Education, arrow pointing right.
Sign to Enable Education's main entrance
Signage for the walkway to Enable Education, arrow pointing left
Front walkway leading to Enable Education.
Front walkway leading to Enable Education.
Main Entrance Door to Enable Education
Stairwell leading up to Enable Education
Stairwell leading up to Enable Education. An elevator is also available.
Stairwell leading up to Enable Education as seen from midway
Top of the landing at Enable Education. Go to the right for the "Heart" of Enable, and go to the left for the "Brain".
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Come for a tour at Enable Education and see where we make the training materials for our partners.