Why you need to know what a Learning Journey Map is

Training, onboarding, orientation, workplace learning, learning experience. There are so many different terms in the world of learning that will easily confuse anyone that doesn’t live, eat, and breath training. But what difference does it make what we call it? Training is training, right?

If training is training then why are things like Learning Journey Maps such an integral part of good training? To take things slow, let’s begin with what a journey map is.

What is a Journey Map?

Have you ever bought a product – a good one at that – only to face extreme frustration with the packaging, or with the setup instructions? Sure you have. And in that moment you definitely thought to yourself that “they really should have thought this part through” because it is ruining the experience for you.

This is exactly the point of a journey map. It notes every interaction the user will have with the product to provide a holistic view of the user experience:

The ultimate goal is to map out the experience in a way that uncovers moments of frustration and delight when interacting with the product. Once this interaction is mapped out, it becomes easier to see opportunities for improvement in the product, to make for a better experience.

Where does learning come in?

Exactly like a user Journey Map, a Learning Journey Map pinpoints miserable and magical moments in an employee’s learning or training experience. It can be used for a one-and-done training session, or an ongoing learning program. What matters is not the length of the journey, but what happens before, during, and after the journey.

But the Learning Journey Map doesn’t need to map only the learning interactions; in fact, it shouldn’t. The Learning Journey Map should note everything about the experience. If it is an in-person training session, consider the room it is held in, from ambiance to temperature. If we’re talking online training, consider barriers, like multiple login sequences, that may affect the experience in any way.

Why you need to use a Learning Journey Map to create great training

If you’ve gotten his far, you likely already had an “aha” moment of why using a Learning Journey Map is so effective. The Learning Journey Map helps you see what is holding your training back from being outstanding. It shows you the miserable moments that need to be brought up past the “magical” threshold. Using the aid of the map will help you create a learning journey for employees (or any category of people for that matter) that is seamless.

At Enable Education, we are experts in noting every miserable and magical moment in your training. The Learning Journey Map is just one tool that we use to map out learning experiences before making them astound. We elevate the miserable moments to give your employees magical learning experiences. We know that stellar experiences at the company make motivated workers and dedicated teams.

Contact us to get started on your robust Learning Journey Map and begin strengthening your team.