Workplace learning should be a journey

Effective learning is never a one-and-done task. From start to finish it is an entire experience; one that is impacted by everything from the environment in which it is held to the relevance of stories shared throughout it.

It should be no surprise then, that great learning happens when the learning journey is planned with structure and intentionality. But the structure does not just refer to the tangible learning experience. A learning journey encompasses the time before and after the experience.

Before the learning experience

Building anticipation before the learning journey starts is imperative. It prepares the learner for the experience they are walking into and eliminates unwanted surprises. Think of when you invite someone over to your home for the first time; if one side of your street was shut down for construction and blocked the typical route, you would likely mention it to them. The same goes for learning as you want to eliminate barriers that can take away from the excitement that anticipation should create.

During the learning experience

Though they also exist in the before and after, touchpoints are a core component of the “during” part of the learning experience. They refer to the points at which a learner interacts with the learning experience. If the first touchpoint is a learning seminar, the next may be an activity. A good learning experience will map these touchpoints out so that they flow nicely from one another and give the learner mental space for reflection.

After the learning experience

Without reflection, learning cannot truly be absorbed. Learners need time after the experience to look back on the knowledge they have been presented with and apply it. They need to make connections between what they have learned and how it applies to them specifically. It is at this point that the learning truly comes to life and makes a direct impact on behaviour and practices.

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