Writing an effective welcome email for new employees

Did you know that 23% of employees leave their new position within 6 months because they haven’t received clear guidelines about their job responsibilities.

As they learn about the company, its employees, teams, and culture, a new hire will better understand where they fit in and how their role will help the company achieve its goals. However, this clarity can often take a new hire a long time to compile on their own. Why wait for this understanding to surface? Give your new hire information and tips about your organization prior to their first day to help prepare them for their new position.

Why a welcome email?

Aside from the clarity a welcome email provides, it sets a positive tone for your organization and its relationship with the new hire. A welcome email tells a new hire that you have given thought to their position, and that they are not just another worker at the company. But this is not it’s only purpose.

The welcome email gives a new hire information on their role, the company’s values and company culture; information that they will certainly reference as they settle in. It provides a core understanding that is so crucial to ramp up engagement and productivity right from the start. Begin with this step to set your new hire up for success.

Getting started

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