More than an LMS.

With Enable Education, you’ll have your own dedicated online training solutions team.

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Content Creation

We create new content and augment existing resources to meet your teaching and training objectives.

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Delivery via Thinkscape

Thinkscape, our learning platform, delivers an engaging, hands-on learning experience.

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Custom Integration

We integrate Thinkscape with your ERP, CRM or LMS.

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“My team enjoys the challenge of helping each new client provide the best learning experience possible, whether it’s basic text, video, or even cutting-edge approaches like augmented reality.”

Matt Paterson, Education Manager

“We’ve been helping our clients work with other learning platforms for 10 years. When we built Thinkscape, the goal was to think about how today’s learners use technology. Clients love the video note-taking and real-time analytics.”

Octavian Ciubotariu, CTO

“Often, integrating with our clients’ system is much easier than they expect. I’m proud that they trust us to just take care of it.”

Riziq Sayegh, Developer Team Lead

Content Creation

What can Enable do for you?

  • Create training resources for learners in a variety of industries, using your subject matter expertise
  • Develop a wide variety of media, including print, audio/video, mobile apps, web content, games, animation, augmented reality, and virtual reality
  • Ensure that your customers’ learning experience is as good as your products

Case Study: Muniak Enterprises

"Enable Education was able to provide a complete top-to-bottom solution for Muniak Enterprises. They helped me to envision how my 35 years of experience consulting and training could be replicated online. From initial concept development to ultimately delivering our interactive courses online, including ecommerce and certification, I’ve come to trust Enable Education to just take care of it."

Les Muniak
Founder, Muniak Enterprises

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"Enable has worked with LEGO Education to help create a range of curriculum resources. We have been consistently pleased with the high quality of their work and their rapid turnaround. We are impressed with the team’s creativity and ability to accommodate our goals, as well as the needs of learners and educators using our products."

Abigail Fern
Marketing Director, LEGO Education North America

"Enable Education is among the best when it comes to creating curriculum for higher education... High quality, expandable, hands-on labs were created based on our needs and in collaboration with the professor and students in the class."

Aubri Hanson
Engineering Technology Program Manager, Gulf Coast State College

"Quanser has engaged Enable a number of times to develop support and promotional material for our range of educational teaching and research solutions… Regardless of format, from video to digital media content, we find their work to be extremely intuitive for the target audience to interact with and comprehend."

Paul Gilbert
CEO, Quanser

"Enable has the instructional and technical background to create curriculum resources that are practical for educators to implement. They pivot effectively between the instructional and technical demands of post-secondary education and always find innovative ways to engage learners."

Andy Bell
Americas Academic Program Manager, National Instruments

"Enable was dependable, adaptable, and continuously worked to exceed our expectations."

Carol Keith
Customer Education R&D Manager, National Instruments

"[Enable] not only designed and wrote the content, but quickly delivered a complete product that included desktop-publishing, video production, and web design."

Ken Johnson
Director, FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Robotics

"The Enable Team has been a great partner in bringing our product to market. Our comments and concerns were always addressed in a timely fashion and the Enable Staff are very knowledgeable."

Chris Le Conte
President, SMART Watering Systems Inc.

"Enable has consistently created materials which reach a variety of audiences, and which present sophisticated material in an accessible and engaging manner."

Ray Hsu
K-12 Program Manager, National Instruments

Happy Clients

  • First Lego League
  • Inovex
  • Junior First Lego League
  • Lego Education
  • Muniak Enterprises
  • My Musical Community
  • Qunaser
  • Rutter
  • Vex Robotics

Engage Learners with Thinkscape

  • Deliver new content through our innovative learning platform
  • Bring existing content online, into engaging, interactive lessons that truly connect educators and learners
  • Make materials accessible on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime
  • Gain detailed business intelligence with custom dashboards that help you understand your customers’ behaviour
  • Built-in Ecommerce and recurring payment features

Case Study: National Instruments

“In our high-tech labs, we sometimes still see the existence of printed manuals or static documents. How do we engage students even more by delivering online interactive content straight to the student’s device, while at the same time allowing lab instructors to get insights into how well students are doing? We found a solution with Enable Education.”

Ray Hsu - Section Manager
Academic Product Marketing, National Instruments

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Happy Clients

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • Niagra College
  • Muniak Enterprises
  • National Instruments
  • Durham College
  • Boston University
  • Humber College

Thinkscape Customization and Integration


  • Co-brand and white-label your materials
  • Integrate Thinkscape with existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, and other LMS platforms