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Onboard a smart and skilled workforce without stress.

Enable Education can leverage your in-house expertise and convert it into stellar onboarding and training experiences that drive productivity and culture.

We help C-suite executives and human resource managers achieve their missions by helping them engage, educate, and enable a stronger, more adaptable modern workforce.  Our employee onboarding and training experiences help our clients boost productivity and save time. We can help you too. Whether you need online videos and digital documents or gamification and augmented reality experiences, we can design an e-learning blend that’s perfect for you.

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Learning doesn’t have to stop when you leave school. In fact, it SHOULDN’T.

Learning is not a luxury. If you want your staff to embrace change, be curious, and stay current in a competitive world, it’s time to level up your employee training game. This is especially true as digital natives flood the workforce and expect to learn on the job.

Enable Education has the technology and education expertise to help your staff exceed expectations.

Not Your Average Employee Training Videos

Transform your existing presentations into fresh and focused learning experiences. Capture the knowledge of your in-house subject matter experts by recording their presentations at our training studio in Milton, Ontario. These videos are professionally produced into short, easily consumed lessons that can be shared when and where your staff need them most.

Spend half a day in the studio with us, and you’ll gain countless hours back for your subject experts and trainers. Turnaround is quick (within 2 weeks!) and we do all the heavy lifting.

You’ll be a hero for providing your staff with the knowledge they need to be awesome

Once in the training studio, a video producer gave immediate feedback on performance and helped my subject matter experts feel comfortable in front of the camera. We spent 4 hours in the studio, and two weeks later, we were presented with 2 and a half hours of professionally edited videos to share with our growing staff. It would have taken us much longer to create those 14 videos on our own.

Mike Branch, Geotab

Add to Your Existing Content

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You don’t have to start from scratch. Bring us your existing slide decks and resources and we’ll help you make them better. This maximizes on your existing content so you can upgrade the learning experience even faster.

Need new employee training materials? No problem! Our team of software programmers, web developers, teaching experts, designers, and video producers are excellent content creators. They know what it takes to develop content that’s interesting and easily absorbed. They’re all lifelong learners, too, so they understand the importance of exploring new ideas and sharing knowledge.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Need Help With Onboarding?

Whether you’re a start up, a scale up, or an established organisation, we can help you fast-forward your onboarding and training programs. Give your people the skills and knowledge they need with digital learning experiences they’ll actually enjoy using.

Want to see how Enable Education helped other companies with their onboarding?

Create Learning Pathways

Once you’ve built a great library of new and refreshed content, help your staff learn what they need to know WHEN they need to know it. We build custom learning platforms that let you track employee progress, reward skill upgrades, and guide staff on a learning journey towards success. This platform, called Thinkscape, offers interactive learning opportunities with augmented reality, virtual reality, video, PDFs, quizzes, and collaboration. We find this blended learning experience helps people retain new information and keeps them curious. Plus, learners can access the content on any device. You’re literally putting learning in the palm of their hands.

Over-The-Shoulder shot of people working together

Learn more about our learning management system called Thinkscape.

Enable made this process so easy. That’s why we came back to Enable to explore next steps. Now we’re creating digital learning experiences that will help existing staff update their skills, help new staff feel fully productive sooner, and let my subject experts stay focused on their jobs instead of stopping to deliver repetitive presentations. Enable Education is a true collaborative partner and I would highly recommend them to any team looking to grow and thrive.

Mike Branch, Geotab

Unique Problems Need Custom Solutions

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Your company is unique. Your staff training needs might be unlike any other organization.
You don’t need a generic piece of software to solve your problems. You need a partner who’ll take the time to understand your specific needs, challenges, and goals to develop a solution just for you. Not to brag (well, maybe a little) but that’s what we do best! We can build custom learning platforms to host your learning materials, or even create solutions to integrate your existing LMS.

Looking for Client Training Solutions?

We do that too! Read about how Enable Education helped National Instruments roll out a new product by producing a series of set-up videos designed to help new users.

Enable Education can help you train your clients and end users.

Build Your Employee Knowledgebase

Training is often one of the first things cut from corporate budgets. Big mistake. By skipping training, you risk falling behind your competitors or, even worse, losing your best employees to your competitors. Build a library of onboarding experiences so your new hires feel welcomed and well prepared for success.

Give existing staff the chance to upgrade skills too. Encourage them to re-engage in your desired company culture. Reward their loyalty by honouring their curiosity and intelligence. Include them as mentors and knowledge experts as you create these experiences. And give them a safe and supportive way to do it with help from Enable Education.

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“Enable Education was able to provide a complete top-to-bottom solution for Muniak Enterprises. They helped me to envision how my 35 years of experience consulting and training could be replicated online. From initial concept development to ultimately delivering interactive ecourses online, including ecommerce and certification, I’ve come to trust Enable Education to just take care of it.”

Les Muniak, Founder

We've helped our clients look like training heroes. Could you be next?