Measuring employee performance

23% of employees leave within 6 months because they haven’t received clear guidelines about their job responsibilities. 

Though you may already be meeting with your employees annually to discuss their performance, having these conversations frequently is key to actual change. When employees receive feedback often, they are presented with the opportunity to refine small habits immediately. It prevents the stress of having to change a big chunk of their workflow after an annual discussion and ensures finer improvement details are not overlooked.

What should performance feedback meetings look like?

If you are already meeting with your employees on a monthly basis you can use part of your meeting to provide feedback. Discuss how the employee is performing and what techniques may help their productivity. Remember to ask what tasks may be giving them difficulties and listen to understand how you can support them. In order to see a change, employees must have tools that help them; listening to their feedback is just as important as providing it.

Getting started

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